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Looking Fresh

As you can probably tell, our website has had a bit of a makeover.
All our links are now accessible on the right, and we have compiled everything onto this one page. Also when we type the letter 'a' it looks like a hieroglyphic pyramid.

this was the main reason for updating the site.

We hope you enjoy the new content we will be posting. thanks for listening

 - Mr Smilez and Strawberry nightmares

In the age of facebook it appears many humans like to effectively spy on other humans. taking notes on what they looked at, monitoring where they are and expecting a running commentary of monotonous tasks such as cleaning the toilet. Therefore we have decided to supply this breed of voyeurs with (Slightly) more information about what we do and when. We will keep you updated on what is currently influencing us, since that is technically the basis for our music. 

for example: one day we may post an update about a popular reality TV show - a month later we may have a track titled 'the endless pain'.

this is the type of insider information you can gather from peeking behind our curtain.

Updates on today's top 2 list of socks to follow...


Prehistoric Egg

Easter is approaching and although the holiday is meant to signify the resurrection of God incarnate, somehow there is a lot of chocolate involved. I guess Jesus must be big on the old cocoa because any celebrated occasion revolving around him requires vast amounts of chocolate.
Easter also features lots of rabbits, which is weird because i'm confident they don't lay eggs. And even if they did they wouldn't be sweet or arrive perched in a complementary mug. It's odd really the items slapped together to represent Christ's return - chocolate, mugs,rabbits, huge long faced stone structures, who look equally confused about their part in the story.
to add to all this, someone then came up with the bright idea of calling hidden messages and inside jokes Easter eggs too. The ones i'm referring to are slipped into films and games for others to find, such as Cheese in perfect Dark.
"If I made a game it would be crammed with secrets" - said me every time I see one, especially after the guys at Rocksteady made me gasp when I looked in a bin (I was expecting leftovers). EPIC on the other hand had me in stitches in Gears Of War 2, when I saw the biggest cowboy hat ever! Today I saw that DICE have tried their hand at a little egging and have terrified me in the process. I look forward to seeing more weird and wonderful things hidden away, but I wont be going swimming for a while. Also I'm still not entirely sure what this has to do with J.C.
For those of you yet to purchase our latest album grin city. if you would like not only to get your hands on some electronica but also give a helping hand - here is your chance.

If you b
uy the album through reverbnation 50% of the profits will go straight to Charity:Water. the money you spend will go towards getting clean and safe water for people around the world.

> Reverbnation <

Can't keep a Bat man down

You may have figured that a year or so after Mr Nolans trilogy batmania may have depleted. You would have been wrong.

With Mr Affleck ready to (Controversially) don the cowl and make some bat-toast, and with rockstar finalizing their own trilogy with the upcoming Arkham Knight; there is plenty to get excited about.

As if that wasn't enough to satisfy your batfix Fox is working on its Gotham TV series, focusing on a young Jim Gordon.

With all the future holds, here are some nice nostalgic Michael Keaton Samples.
Also some more hidden samples of someone else
If you are yet to have a play with this audio/visual madness then wait no more. Patatap is an addictive and inviting way to make not only music but a very aesthetically pleasing stream of images. Nintendo DS owners may be reminded of Electroplankton as they effortlessly tap away while watching 2d Visualizations. We found it lots of fun, check it out

> Patatap <
"Sorry Smilez I was busy"
Our resident human-ponder-machine J-Man has been busy. Not busy helping Strawberry Nightmares though, busy shoving stuff in blenders and watching TV. Whats worse is that after engaging in a not so productive activity, he then sits down and strokes his beard in a preposterously overt gesture of wondering what it all means. Below is a list of things that he chose to spend his time doing instead of helping us.
 Its simple and therefore fairly addictive. Also alot of friends are playing and need someone to soak up the bullets
 wondering if a Titan is just a two legged weaponised mobility scooter. Also I need to study which ever form of martial arts teaches you to kick so slow, yet so deadly
 its alot easier making this music than Strawberry Nightmares music. Also its fun to look at
 Wondering where my copy of electroplankton is... also my DS
 there is dirt everywhere you know. i do find cleaning fairly theraputic - if there is an end to it
 I saw a steamer on teleshopping thats been going through my mind recently. It looked incredible. the more i think about it the more i remeber how tired, and prone to brain washing I was at that early hour... and its a steamer so...
 the Brak Show
 Its hilarious and musical, its a nice reminder of the awesome dangerdoom album. Mom is hot (Until her voice changes)
1 - How do williams street manage to make so many amazing cartoons.
2 - I
want to make cartoons.
3 - M
om was so much hotter when she wasn't british.
 The Raid 2
 Another installment of high octane action and vein draining gore. It's so intense that it ruins alot of other movies
 Will I have to wait until the Mr Evans creates another film before i can satisfy my fix of on-screen violence. How many proverbial hats have been eaten by producers who failed to see his potential? Im guessing its in double figures
 South Park: The Stick Of Truth
 IT's like a 12 hour long episode of the show. Its full of inside jokes, gross humour, stupidity and exploration.
If only more movies/shows translated into games this well. Fingers crossed for the alleged Sons Of Anarchy game. PEGI how I hate you...
 Hating PEGI
 A company that was, until recently, entirely useless. IT used to provide ratings for games before it had any official clout at all. IT was stupid. it was Like having a company that creates its own laws, condeming everyone to death row. If the real law states a £20 fine will suffice the company's opinion makes zero difference. If that wasn't bad enough, Now these fools are our actual rating's board for games.
 How many more times will I be inconvinienced by PEGI. Some scenes in the South Park game were banned in the EU. It's as if PEGI forgot there was an internet. All it takes is a Youtube search and I can be viewing the (Almost) exact Brain, meltingly, horrific gameplay... of cardboard- cut-out cartoon characters. Traumatising.
to prove my point - all the banned scenes are in a video below...

ou happy PEGI?!
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